Choose It... Before It Chooses You.


I chased It for years. I'd like to think if I did It over again I would change It. But I'm afraid history might repeat itself. I wasn't sure what It was, but It wasn't where I was. It was usually the next thing.

It was more. It was better. It was fortune. It was popular. It was... well you get It. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be.


Hear me, I'm not talking about chasing a dream... think more like a dog chasing it's tail. I wasted time looking for It when I should have been looking for Who.

The One who had plans for me, people to grow me. People to love. The One who had His best for me? The One who knew the days in front of and behind me.  The One who was always calling out to me. The One I mostly ignored. 

Feel me?

You have an It...  think about It. It's that thing you wrap yourself in, the facade, the way you present yourself, the thing you chase after, worship... that holds no eternal value. 

Yet It holds your heart captive.

 It's your idol.

You know what It is. 

You might hide It from others but that doesn't change anything. It's still running your life.

John 13:35. "By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you love one another"... instead of the word Christian I see disciple. And I ask myself... am I? I think I found my It.

Sister, only One thing deserves to be your It. 

Love God. Love People.  

What does the Lord require of you...

Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly. Micah killed it!

I don't like the word Christian. Jesus followers never called themselves Christians... the other guys did. It wasn't a compliment. It still isn't unfortunately.

The word Christian is broad. Good and bad come to mind with that word. I will leave it there.

Disciple though...  one who follows, learns from, then shares what they learn. The original disciples died horrible deaths. All but one is the way the story goes. The odds are in your favor you won't share their story. At least their ending. Stoned, hung, martyred, flayed open, brains beat out... and the one who hung himself after handing over his Lord. 

Then John, exiled to Patmos. Don't think Greek Island with white washed buildings, donkeys waiting to take you to the bottom of the steps. Think hot, lonely and hungry. 

Patmos means, my killing. It was a sterile land unable to produce anything. It was fruitless and yet God brings John the book of Revelation on that barren island.

Don't miss how God works. For those of us who live in America I'm gonna bet the farm we probably won't face this if we call ourselves disciples of Jesus. At least not yet.

But how do we live? Do we live like disciples or wishy washy, luke warm talking the talk, but not really walking the walk folk? Many of us live our lives in constant crisis, searching for It.

You're broke as a joke, but you keep buying. You date losers because you think that's the best you deserve. You repeatedly say yes, when your life is crying for boundaries.

NO is not a four letter word. Count. You have a limited number of days to shine your light on someone, so choose well... or it will be chosen for you.

You call yourself Christian because you surround yourself with people by that name. You go to church with them, you do life with them... heck, you party with them.

But are we missing something? Are we changing into the likeness of Jesus, in our words, actions, choices? 

If we are repeating the same things we did before we chose to wrap ourselves in the Christian snuggy... maybe we need a time out.  Maybe check ourselves for a hot second. Something is missing. Something big, vital, obvious. 

Just for a minute, let's exchange the word Christian for Disciple. Disciple... One who accepts and assists in spreading the teachings of another.

A follower, a doer, a pupil, adherent to the teachings, dedicated. Choose disciple... How does your life change? 

What do you exchange the It for? Father, Counselor, Messiah. God of heaven and earth. Christ needs to be our It. Our Who. Good Lord... no really, Good Lord, help us. Help us see the truth. Help us choose well and draw boundaries in our lives. 

Throw out the old ways and live in ridiculous grace and mercy towards one another. 

Love as Jesus loves us. Love unrelentingly today.

Want to make a difference for the One you claim as Lord? Be a servant. Yup... humble yourself and be a servant. 

And be quiet about it. 

 Let's be freedom fighting women who fight passionately for one another.  Let's break the chains of sin in our lives. Let's lift each other up, always wanting and believing the best for one another. 

If Christ is my It, my Who ... that means I get to love you unrelentingly, with grace, mercy and compassion.

"By this everyone will know you are my disciples, if you love one another."

Choose It before It chooses you.