Finding Your Chair...

The Color Of Our Musical Chairs...


Musical Chairs...

One of my favorite games as a child. Nothing said competition like this game, at least when I was six.

Simple yet so exciting. It may not play well today because someone doesn't get a chair... and well, that's not fair. 

It's a great picture of life and perhaps prepared me for the chairs I would grow into... and out of.

Musical chairs is great when you are six, but games become harder as we grow. More competitive, more rules, sometimes preparation is required. Some days it feels life is a game and we are not winning. 

We end up in a chair we would not have chosen. It's lumpy, ugly and unfamiliar. The style is weird and it doesn't fit our life or house.

Or worse, we end up on the floor.

Why is it the chair we like, the comfortable, pretty one... somedays we feel pushed out of? We cry, "I like this chair, let me stay!" It's perfect, like a broken in shoe.

I read a blog post this morning asking what I fear. 

Answer... Finding a new chair. Choosing the right chair.

And what it represents.

If you are in the symphony or orchestra you want First Chair. First place is always best. I would like First Chair. I would be front and center. My view spectacular. A clear vision of what I was to do, what was ahead.

Life is never that clear and yet, there is still a chair for all of us. But...

We are not called to sit in every chair. The chair of shame, anger, fear, anxiety. Not our chair. It's a cheap imitation. It's a lying, stealing, cheating chair. Repeat this... to yourself... everyday. 

Our chair is stuffed with peace, still with a few lumps. 

It is a chair of truth.

A chair of prayer. 

A chair of wise counsel. 

A chair of rich laughter.

A chair where joy is shared and tears flow. 

A chair of peace.

It is a big chair, because we invite others to join us. Those we love, trust.. are transparent with. Those He brings into our lives. 

There is no competition in this chair. 

This is not a game.

At some point, once we really settle in, we will be given a new chair. The good news is the chair we had, the peaceful, lumpy one, we keep in our collection. Our next chair should be bigger, able to fit truths and truth tellers we find along our path. The gifts.

 Our chair becomes a chair of wisdom. 

The new chair will be full of unknowns and unforeseen detours, but pointed in purpose. Good things... for His glory. It will call us out of comfort... again.

When I look at the covering of my chairs... if I look very close I see a covering others may not see.

No matter the house, state, Island (yes, please) or country I may live in... my chair is covered in rich, red velvet. This reminds me of the One who covered me with His life, His death and His resurrection. This cover brings me joy and peace that passeth all understanding no matter where I sit. 

My hope for you is that you find joy in the chair God has placed you in today. I hope it is a chair of truth, covered in rich, red velvet.