You Are Enough...


She followed me out of the store. I didn't notice. I started my car, locked the doors, checked my phone for messages.  

I looked up and saw her approaching, smiling. Did I know her? I put my window down. She told me she had seen me in the store, noticed my hair and wanted to compliment me. I was ready to share the names of Erin and Sarah, my stylists. 

I thanked her and then she said...
"Can I ask you something personal?" I don't remember if I said yes, but she began a detailed, nervous, fast paced description of her marital situation. Honestly the words were falling so fast I couldn't keep up.  Separation, separate beds, back together, husband's desire to reconcile...

My first thought was, here we go, she is going to ask me for money. I figured there was a point to this one sided conversation. I have heard it all and sometimes even believe it, sometimes helping with dollar bills. 

Yet, that hadn't been my first thought when I saw her approach my car.
I listened and started to realize she was asking my opinion.
The opinion of a stranger.
She told me she had bought some lingerie and a candle and maybe she should buy some wine.
They had clearly been separated a long time and he wanted her back, all of her.

She was flustered, embarrassed really and said, "I don't know if this is enough, maybe I should buy a bottle of wine." Second time she mentioned the wine. 

I looked at her, in her thrown together outfit and long, thinning dark hair, and I thought to myself... Woman, never in a million years did you think you would be standing here asking a total stranger about your love life. 

She doubted herself, was nervous about the intimacy aspect of reconciliation and was desperate for someone to speak into her. Even a stranger.

I looked her in the eyes, smiled and said, "You are enough."
She mentioned the wine... again.
I said "You are enough. You are beautiful and you are enough."
She looked at me and started to tear up. She mouthed the words back to me.
You are enough. 
I said, "Don't forget that."

She backed away from the car and we said goodbye.
I caught my breath and reached a hand to wipe my wet eyes. 

Later I wished I had done more. Made sure she was okay, invited her to coffee. I wish I had given her a card. I wish I had turned off the car, taken her to lunch.

I wished she knew she was enough.

Friends, we are enough. Right where we stand this moment. Too fat, too skinny, too young, too old, too loud, too quiet. We Are Enough. 

You Are Enough. Never forget that and know that your Father God loves you... Just as You Are.