Do Your Words A Favor...

       DAY 4 OF 365

I've chosen a word over the years to push me into a new season. Freedom was a real hit... it still encourages, reminds and sometimes haunts me. Some words push you over the edge, off the couch. That's the point, right?

This year a verse, Psalm 90:17 took my breath for a minute. "Let the favor of our God be on us; establish for us the work of our hands - establish the work of our hands."

The thing is this... I have been praying God's favor on my family all year. Specific prayers, circumstances, details. His rich, mysterious favor, that leaves you changed, your soul branded, your tongue telling others of Him. And guess what?! He showed up! Of course He did! I knew He would... because that is what He does. It's Who He is. Protector, Deliverer, Healer. 

The Psalms are a lifeline for me... they remind me He is my Warrior Father, Who goes to battle for me (and you). Friends, can anything compare to this?!

When I read verse 17 I am reminded my role in this. I asked, begged, pleaded for His beautiful favor and He lavished it... so now what? Agh... now the part that I easily forget. The doing part. The part where He has prepared the soil, healed the sick, bandaged the wound, kissed the parched lips... and yet, I walk away.

Because I have walked away so many times before... but this time will be different. Because He has taught me through His word, His people, even my choosing a simple word over the years... yet being changed by it. He has shown me His faithfulness, His tender mercies and great love for His sons and daughters. Because of these things, I breathe Him in and see the opportunity of today, now. Establish the work of my hands Lord Jesus, Merciful Jesus. I am undone.

May I choose well this year. The abundant life lived in the mystery of a God Who is amazing grace, thunder and lightning, yet also a soft whisper! He is mystery and majesty and I am on the floor. 

We will choose Him this year or the distraction this world so freely offers. I'm quite good at this. I have lived the distracted life. It's empty. The movie ends, the series is over, the item arrives, the new car smell fades, the hobby becomes old. 

It's a new day in a brand new year. Pick your words well and do them a favor. Believe them and then... live them well. They carry weight and will influence your choices. If they don't, they are empty words that will lead to another new year... but same old you. Don't. Just Don't  

In other words... Live them out loud!